Why Choose a Template-Based Website Over a Custom Website?

Perhaps you’ve never heard of a template-based website before and would like to learn more. This article will help you understand the major differences between a website derived from template and one developed, designed, and built out with content in a completely custom fashion. Price isn’t the only factor, so let’s get started and find out more.


The great thing about a template-based website is that it has the same potential as any other website to help your bottom line.

Ask yourself why you are trying to build a website. Is it to get leads for your sales team? A template-based site can do that. Is it to get an updated design that exemplifies your brand? There are many page-building features that can give your site a distinctive and professional look without the need of a software engineer or designer.

Ask yourself another question: how much business could you expect to bring in if you had a modern, cleanly designed, and blazingly fast and easy to use website? If you can expect anywhere from $30-100K in the next year in revenue to come from your website, then the $3K investment will be well worth it.


While some folks are able to easily absorb the $10K or so most agencies will ask for a custom designed and developed website, most small businesses will prefer to stick with a template-based site that can be completed in half the time if not less, and for less than half the price.

But let’s be honest. $3,000 is not the cheapest price for a template-based website. You may be thinking, “Why don’t I just create a website on Wix or Square Space and save the money?” Or, maybe you know a nephew or neighbor kid who is good with WordPress. Well, why don’t you do that?

The reality is that many business owners visit this page because they realize they can’t achieve everything they want to do on those platforms and spending $10K for a custom site from a web shop downtown is not realistic either, especially since they usually won’t guarantee leads.

So, getting the excellent SEO and lead gen benefits of working with a professional while saving time and money with a template is much better than DIY with WordPress and a page builder. You don’t have time to learn web design, development, and lead generation. So, leave it to a professional who guarantees your satisfaction.

Plus, $3K is only the starting point, so if needed, we can find ways to bring it up or down based on your specific situation. If you’re ready to discuss your needs, get website results by reaching out today.

Personalized Experience

What some business owners prefer about custom-built websites is the personalized touch they get with an account manager, designer, and developer listening to all their ideas, questions, and concerns. With template-based websites, you can still get a fully personalized experience.

Concierge-level quality of service doesn’t need to be expensive when working with a fellow small business owner who is able to interview you to get all the needed information about your business and website needs. Also, if you want to find ways to get the price tailored for your business goals, try asking for an ala carte option so that your new website will only come with the options you need.

Full Control

If your business has found little value in the DIY approach some website building platforms offer, like Wix and Squarespace, in which you are not able to fully customize the templates they offer without the help of a developer, you’ll be glad to learn that a template-based website offered from an expert web developer can be just as flexible as a fully custom website.

Expert Support

Most template-based websites come with a support package or subscription that provides you with expert help from a dedicated developer, which means your website starts with a template to save time and get the value of proven design patterns, but then once the site is done, you have full control over content, layout, and other important facets.

However, most companies that provide website support don’t usually offer unlimited edits*. We offer this benefit because we know a lot of things can come up with your website in a short time and you don’t want to worry about budgeting for those potential issues in advance.

Plus, it isn’t always easy to find good help that will be available right when you need it. If needed, we are always ready to find you a qualified and reliable sub-contractor to take care of any issue or need that we can’t fulfill personally, which is one less headache for you to take care of.

Easily Self-Managed

Even if you decide to manage your website yourself, a template-based site built with flexible, customer-friendly tools will allow business owners to save time and money in the long run because you can control the output of your site without having to pay a developer every time you need to make minor changes.

It also helps when your website builder tools are some of the most popular and well-supported on the market. There are always so many options to work with, that the hardest part is screening out the noise to choose the best tool for the job.

With a proven template, your site will be well designed and feature rich from the get-go. Just make changes to content and layout as needed and whenever you need help with something, we’ll only be a phone call or text away.


To wrap up, consider what the best website is worth to you. Then think about what essential elements are needed to accomplish the goal you want to achieve. Are these things a template-based website could help with? If not, by all means, don’t feel pressured to consider it as an option. But, if you want to get results quickly at an affordable price, a template-based website may just be the best option for you.