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Sometimes you just need a single marketing solution, like when you’ve already got a top-notch website and just need SEO or email marketing. But when older, established brands are making the switch to digital marketing, or when looking for new agency partners, you need a comprehensive suite of online services.

In these kinds of situations, it’s really great to buy in bulk. What we mean is the Costco advantage, where you get everything that you need from one place and save a lot of money in the process. However, you not only get savings in this case, but also a bundle of value.

What Is a Web Bundle Discount?

We at Woodruff Multimedia don’t just specialize in one type of marketing service. That’s why there’s Multimedia in our name rather than just Websites. We work with multiple mediums or marketing channels.

When you need a new website, hosting, SEO, community building, lead generation, chat, and email marketing, then you need to bundle and save! We love delivering high levels of value at extensive levels of savings to our valued clients, and this is one way we like to show it.


There are some great benefits to getting all your website marketing done by the same people. We will most likely create a blog post soon to go into more detail, but here are a few reasons:

  • Comprehensive Value: While each of our web services are good enough to stand on their own if you are only in need of that specific thing, combining our services together ensures that all your web marketing will be executed at an extremely high level of professionalism and effectiveness, so you’ll get compounding value.
  • Price: Again, all our services are an amazing value. However, if you bundle them together, they work better, so we want to reward bold business owners and executives who are willing to fully invest in their success. We’re so devoted to delivering results that we offer this combined service at a 40% discount. Reach out today for a quote.
  • Rollover Pre-Purchased Services: If you order our website design and development service or any other service and decide to upgrade to the bundle within a year of initial purchase, you can roll over your payment to apply to the price of your web discount bundle.
  • Less Collaboration Required = More Speed & Efficiency: When you bundle all your web marketing under one roof, we are able to work quicker and more efficiently, also ensuring a higher level of quality across the board. Although we work great with third party designers, developers, and marketers, we can do all those things ourselves and save you a lot of time and money.

How We Do Website Marketing Bundles

Here at Woodruff Multimedia, we offer a full range of options to help you discover the value you deserve while still saving you time and money. Here are some ways you can customize your experience:

Easy & Reliable Website Marketing Results

  • Website Design & Development:
    • We can work from your existing brand assets and imagery or ask some easy questions to get your website project up and running quickly.
    • Standard WordPress content types included, additional options for configuring plugins, extending plugins, or creating custom plugins.
  • Content & SEO:
    • Content discussion about what amounts and kinds of search engine friendly content and images your website will need to accomplish your goals.
    • We optimize your site from the ground up and provide a solid information architecture so that as your content library grows, your online presence will continue to be optimized.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization:
    • Get your website set up with user interaction tracking software so that we’ll be able to observe visitors engaging with your content and user interface elements.
    • We will gain deep insights into your conversion opportunities and obstacles by evaluating the data we collect and proactively make recommended changes through A/B testing.
  • Unlimited Edits After Launch:
    • We provide unlimited website edits as part of our web discount bundle to save you time keeping your business information up to date.
    • We can edit the websites we build faster and more easily than anyone, so your edits will get done quickly and efficiently without a hassle by people you trust.
  • Hosting:
    • Fully managed by us means we handle software maintenance and updates, provide 24/7 priority phone, text, or email support, and we also guarantee your satisfaction.
  • SMS/Live Chat/Email Marketing:
    • We’ll set up your account for online direct communication with your website visitors.
    • Get text messages from website visitors who are just asking quick questions and keep their contact info for future marketing campaigns.
    • Close more sales online with live chat enabled, so you always have a smiling face to welcome visitors, answer questions, and capture lead info.
    • Provide a better customer service experience to help retain repeat customers.
  • Timeline:
    • 2 month build & setup time.
    • Flexible review time allowance.
    • 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

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