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Many digital agencies out there seem to think the only way to help their clients make more money online is to get more visitors to their websites. SEO, paid advertising, and social media are all great ways to increase traffic in the hopes of getting more customers. However, ask yourself one question: what if you could increase your revenue tenfold without working or paying for any additional traffic?

While focusing on getting more traffic is a great goal for blogs and publishers, it isn’t the best first step for agencies helping small to medium sized businesses. It’s only really appropriate if your other online goals are already optimized to make the best use of that traffic.

The more urgent goal for small businesses is often just getting income through new leads and/or sales. The good news is that there are often easy-to-solve roadblocks to converting visitors into customers, whether through landing pages or your clients’ websites. Our expertise is in using proven methods to increase your digital marketing campaigns conversion rate online. No secrets or magic, just hard work and natural talent to get you and your clients the results they want.

What are landing pages?

Landing pages are dedicated pages on your site or hosted on a third-party service like Unbounce that are designed to be the first destination or “landing page” for a specific product, service, or other purpose, such as getting B2B leads online. Usually, they feature highly focused content, have fewer links for visitors to get distracted with, and just help answer questions that are in the way of a visitor converting into a customer.

In the old days, many marketers would just send all their ad traffic to the website’s homepage. Thankfully, times have changed. However, even a dedicated landing page can fail to perform at the levels you expect. Optimizing the written content, layout, and calls to action can make a huge difference for your bottom line.

Many “experts” will offer ideas on how to make your landing pages more successful, like using principles of psychology, user experience best practices, and testing new approaches. Unbounce even offers AI as a solution to help your landing pages perform better. Landing pages are ultimately just a canvas for making a deal for someone who is hopefully in the right frame of mind to accept the deal.


There are some great benefits to increasing your landing page conversion rates with us. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Conversion Rate Math: Improving your conversion rate increases revenue without increasing the cost at the same amount every time. Since you don’t have to keep increasing your ad spend in order to get more revenue, your profit margin will increase. Here’s Google Ads and Conversion Rate Optimization expert Isaac Rudansky’s helpful video explaining this amazing conversion math.
  • Optimize Your Ad Spend: Fixing problems with conversion helps you spend less on your ads because it provides a better landing page experience that will show Google that your content provides a better solution for visitors than your competitors. One of my landing page updates for an audiology client reduced their cost per lead (CPL) from $271 to $125, a savings of roughly 54%. This allowed them to use their PPC budget for twice as many leads.
  • Objective Results: We insist on A/B testing all of our recommendations, whether it be for landing pages or website redesigns. We do this to ensure that you only get the best results from our work. This is why we feel confident enough to guarantee our services.
  • Bigger Results: We only offer and test ideas that aim to double your conversion rate. Our goal from the moment we begin is to help you earn back your investment within the first few months. If we aren’t able to do that, we won’t stop till we do. That’s our service guarantee and we’ve never had anyone get their money back so far since 2016.
  • Proven Strategy: Our methodology has been built by experience, learning, and borrowing and we keep records of all our wins. So, each time we approach a project, we have something to compare against, which means we’re never shooting in the dark. We also bring excellent research skills with us to our work every day.
  • Street Cred and Book Knowledge: You get to benefit from both ends of the spectrum. Ben’s somewhat unique educational background helped him graduate Suma Cum Laude from the rigorous Creative Media and Digital Culture program at Washington State University. Plus, he cut his teeth serving some of the most resourceful and ambitious hearing industry professionals at Audigy, a worldclass business consulting firm.

What is our process for achieving landing page success?

  1. Identify your existing strategy, long term goals, and how to measure success.
  2. Define the highest value, most attainable opportunities and prioritize them.
  3. Get to know your target audience and categorize them based on intent.
  4. Research user experience problems and common objections.
  5. Create a hypothesis for the most high-impact changes to test.
  6. Test, evaluate results, then make changes as needed.

To be continued…

Increase Your Leads, Appointments, & Sales

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There are some great benefits to trying to increase your website traffic through SEO. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Cheaper than Advertising: If done right, your website can provide new leads in a scalable way for a smaller investment. There is a trade-off regarding the amount of work needed up front to start ranking for your target keywords, but it’s worth it.
  • Compounding Return on Investment (ROI): As long as you continue doing the right thing on your website, you can expect the value you get from SEO to grow over time. It will do this automatically to a degree (there is work involved), which makes your website efforts more scalable than advertising, which is always limited to your budget.
  • Build Your Brand: SEO improves the quality of your website over time, unlike building landing pages for ads on a separate platform like Unbounce, which has a long term benefit of improving how others see you in the long run. As you get your website worked on, you’ll catch the little errors and bugs that tend to turn potential customers away, even when you spent a lot of money to build the site in the first place.
  • Expert Support: Most SEO’s (yes, it’s a title for the people who do SEO) will offer a subscription based service package to take care of the content marketing and ongoing optimization of everything you add to your site. From image alt texts to metadata for new pages and blog posts, even landing pages meant to only get leads from ads or email can be optimized for organic search and increase your value if regularly taken care of by an SEO.
  • Cutting Edge Advice: SEO really is always changing, to a degree. And if your SEO is just an untrained person in a third world nation that is paid peanuts to add metadata to your content, it won’t help your rankings. You need a website concierge that keeps up with the latest high-tech trends and watches out for upcoming major bummers like mobile first indexing and the great GA4 transition.
  • Foundational Knowledge: Most people who know how to do SEO at a high level work for large international or national brands that have oodles of cash to spend on the best for their website. However, a college education in SEO is rare to find these days, and so are reliable books on the topic. Ben, our owner and SEO expert, has both of the above, along with several years of experience helping small to medium-sized businesses grow organically through SEO.

How We Do SEO

Here at Woodruff Multimedia, we strive to combine excellent quality service with efficiency and speed. We don’t claim to have a secret sauce that no one else can provide, just hard work doing things most people really don’t enjoy, making your website rank highly for their target audience through organic search.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Initial call to discuss your needs and wants and a good meeting time/place.
  • In-person discovery meeting where we go over your custom proposal.
  • Project kickoff and weekly emails reporting work completed.
  • Project launch and all phases of SEO setup complete within 1 month.
  • Data recording and monthly strategy calls to review results and plan ahead.
  • Celebrate your SEO success!
  • Where to Meet & Discuss:
    • Live, in-person concierge-style meeting at a coffee shop or your place of business.
    • Video call using Google Meet or FaceTime.
    • Over the phone consultation call.
  • Target Audience Research:
    • We work with you to determine who your most valuable potential customers, clients, or patients are. We can gather this info during our initial discussion and create a marketing persona for reference throughout the project.
    • If you already know who your highest value target audience is, we can skip the research and quickly progress through the rest of the process.
    • If you need help researching and defining who your target audience, we can help you discover through surveys, market research, and strategic planning to know exactly who we should be marketing to.
  • Tracking & Tools Setup Options:
    • Free analytics and tracking tools from Google like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc.
    • Paid analytics and tracking tools from third parties like Ahrefs, Google Analytics 360, Adobe Analytics, Chartbeat,, etc.
    • Other custom tools and integrations are options as well, but let us know what you’ll need, and we’ll consider if it will figure differently into the price.
  • Technical SEO:
    • Get your existing website setup with the tools and metadata it needs to be found by search engines and perform well in organic search.
    • If you get a new website built by us, you’ll get technical SEO from the get go, like ensuring that your site loads quickly and is mobile friendly.
  • On-Page SEO/Content Optimization Options:
    • Get your headings, links, and images optimized with great signals for search engines and information for your visitors.
    • Along with metadata, we can optimize your product pages, store location pages, and other page content with markup, which improves your appearance on the search results page.
    • We can optimize or build out an optimized site architecture that will appeal to your site visitors, starting with those who provide you the most value to focus on.
  • Reporting Options:
    • An SEO performance dashboard with a broad overview to report your key performance indicators (KPI’s) that you will be able to visit any time you wish.
    • Monthly emails with specific reports on how various website metrics are trending, like traffic and visitor attributes, visitor behavior and engagement, and conversion details.
    • Tracking weekly or daily ranking signals, so you can be aware of every little detail, if you find that you need that level of support.
  • Monthly Support:
    • Your SEO is important and needs to be kept up to date. We monitor your ranking and the ebbs and flows of traffic to your site, so you don’t have to. Knowing how your site is performing will help us craft personalized recommendations on how to continually improve.
    • We schedule a monthly phone or video strategy call to discuss your results and provide recommendations. You’ll be glad to see the return on your investment and learn how we plan to increase performance even more.
    • Over the following week, we execute changes and measure to see your growth. If any issues crop up, we address those immediately, but each month you’ll get proactive improvements regularly added to your SEO roadmap.
  • Results Guaranteed:
    • You’ll be delighted with the amount and quality of leads your website helps you get after the 3-month incubation period, or we will buy you a month’s worth of Google Ads pay per click (PPC) advertising for free. Our commitment is to beat the results of whoever you are already working with, but we’ll always communicate up front if we see any roadblocks to that potential.
    • Subscribing to our SEO service alone will help the most if you’re just getting started, or especially operating within a niche. However, if your business is in a highly competitive market or has already been around a while, then you’ll probably also need to invest in other tactics to help grow at a rate you’ll be satisfied with.
    • We expect 10% growth of traffic, 7.5% growth in engagement metrics, and 5% growth in conversions for those who sign up for our comprehensive website service plan, which includes SEO, content support, conversion rate optimization, and social media management.