Case Study: Improving B2B Live Webinar Signups for Audigy

I wanted to share a practical example of improving website marketing performance through advanced content strategy and conversion rate optimization.

A Seriously Difficult Situation

Over the last ten months or so (October 2021 through July 2022), I’ve had the privilege of working on Audigy’s corporate marketing team with several of our marketing department’s best and brightest.

Unfortunately, our company was facing a seriously difficult situation: in our market, Audigy is sort of considered the more expensive of the options available to hearing care practices for business support.

Through the pandemic, we did okay bringing in new practices, but many were also leaving because of the lack of income due to having to close down offices or severely reduce operations.

On top of this, our sales team was way overworked with cold leads that were requiring way too much conversation and an exceedingly long sales cycle.

The Task at Hand

My task, as part of my new position at the time (Lead Generation Specialist), was to improve conversion rates of landing pages and website content to help counter this turn of events.

I acted promptly by building pages and content in more or less the same way as they were already being built until I could get some familiarity and training with the process.

While completing the Salesforce Demand Generation Specialist trailmix (you’ll need to be logged into Salesforce’s Trailhead site to use that link) and Isaac Rudansky‘s Landing Page Design and Conversion Rate Optimization Udemy course, I started learning the ropes a bit better.

Insightful Action

With increasing confidence in the midst of a new role, I started applying what I was learning. While improving conversion rates with landing page best practices, I also started discussing with stakeholders some ideas for developing a more robust content strategy.

Unfortunately, up to this point, I was seeing every landing page, web page, and blog post was just another attempt to get cold ad-based traffic to convert and set up an appointment with our sales team.

It became clear to me that this shallow content strategy was contributing to a more challenging sales landscape.

Repeatable Results

The result of my training, research, and discussions was that I collaborated with my manager, corporate and sales teams stakeholders, and other team members to create a landing page template library spreadsheet and several landing page templates that would help us expand the marketing user journey, so that we could deliver warmer marketing qualified leads or MQL’s for the sales team to follow up with.

We developed a content strategy that documented how our potential prospects would travel through our marketing funnel over time, with optional and required content like blog posts, free downloads, webinars, virtual and live events (free and paid), website pages, and landing pages.

The result was that our live webinar signup landing pages improved conversion rates dramatically. One webinar landing page we published in March 2022 received zero signups (pre-template), whereas two we published in April and May 2022 based on my template received over 80 and 90 signups respectively.

If you are curious what kinds of changes I implemented in our corporate B2B landing pages, feel free to reach out via my contact page form, and I’d be glad to discuss strategies. Thanks!