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Below, you will find articles explaining how you can identify what performance problems your website may be facing.

A printing press representing building websites with templates

Why Choose a Template-Based Website Over a Custom Website?

Perhaps you’ve never heard of a template-based website before and would like to learn more. This article will help you understand the major differences between a website derived from template and one developed, designed, and built out with content in a completely custom fashion. Price isn’t the only factor, so let’s get started and find … Read more

A screenshot of an Audigy corporate landing page template

Case Study: Improving B2B Live Webinar Signups for Audigy

I wanted to share a practical example of improving website marketing performance through advanced content strategy and conversion rate optimization. A Seriously Difficult Situation Over the last ten months or so (October 2021 through July 2022), I’ve had the privilege of working on Audigy’s corporate marketing team with several of our marketing department’s best and … Read more

A Google search made on a mobile device

Why Not to Search for Yourself on Google

Photo by Edho Pratama on Unsplash Sometimes people search for their own website on Google to try to determine how they are being ranked for any number of keywords. If this describes you or someone you know, please consider that it is not advisable to search for your own site in Google to see how … Read more

The Coolest Thing I’ve Made so Far 2022

I’ve made a gradual yet significant impact on how Audigy builds landing pages since October of last year, when I helped create a new role – Lead Generation Specialist. I’ve created several landing pages over the last year for our corporate team’s email and PPC campaigns, our B2C PPC team’s landing page templates, and landing … Read more

Who Is Ben Woodruff?

I am a family man with a background in technology and marketing. I learned hard work as a young person and applied my work ethic in the US Army, afterwards in delivering and installing window coverings & blinds, and then going back to school. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to use my GI Bill … Read more

How to Make Autoplay HTML5 Video Work on Mobile

This article is about making HTML5 video start automatically on mobile, which is not as easy and straightforward as it might seem at first glance. I originally came up with this blog idea because I was trying to create a video background for the hero section on a client’s website and realized that the mobile … Read more