Examples of Ben’s Website and Landing Page Work

Websites, SEO content, and conversion strategy that produce results, which I’ve had the privilege to work on with my day job, side work, and volunteering projects.

Types of Projects Shared Below

My experience ranges from the very basics of building websites and optimizing content for search engines, to analyzing tried and true website designs for hidden conversion problems that dramatically improve the bottom line for clients when fixed. The lessons I’ve learned are often repeatable across industries, which means that you can safely expect similar results. If you’re looking to improve the ROI of your marketing investment in your website and conversion strategy, please feel free to reach out today.

New Websites

Since I started at Audigy in 2018, I’ve built 57 websites professionally. I’ll share some highlights below:

A to Z Blinds website screenshot

A to Z Blinds Website Upgrade


A WordPress website with custom CSS that can be seen in the editor and overridden by the user, providing a high level of flexibility.

Equipping Bible Church Website Build


A WordPress website with a custom plugin that creates a settings page, user data input fields, and shortcodes for data consistency.
Equipping the Saints homepage

Equipping the Saints Website Upgrade


A WordPress website with Sermon Manager plugin to manage content and customized PHP template files to provide a unique look.

And a few others:

Website Redesigns

I’ve performed more website redesigns than I can count for small/local and enterprise/multi-location clients alike:

  • Tobias Hearing Center website, redesigned with a few simple changes to the header, hero section, and some background colors and minor layout changes, which resulted in record-breaking call volume and leads (before, after)
  • Doctors of Hearing Healthcare website, long overdue for a design facelift, this one speaks for itself (before, after), although the client’s Marketing Manager also shared that as a result of the redesign, one month after the changes were completed, “… the practice’s total appointments off the website was [sic] more than 200% over the average for the previous 10 months, resulting in a $55 cost per appointment.”
  • South Bay Hearing website of Los Angeles, CA, was a bit too busy visually and needed an overall consolidation and refocusing of their homepage (before, after, exit intent pop-up).
    Read more… I have not heard any stats from her Marketing Manager on how her site did after this redesign, but the fact that we’ve created several unique landing pages for various ad campaigns on her site since then has convinced me that these improvements helped enough to earn her return business

Website Templates

I’ve created the following template sites in collaboration with copywriters, designers, and stakeholders, from which many client sites were produced with their own customizations:

  • Elevation website template, Audigy – Audigy members were limited for a number of years to one website template, from which our team would create a new website in each new web build.
    Read more… That template was called Merriweather, because it was supposed to be forever up-to-date, a single website platform that would never require fees to get an upgrade. It would be customized according to their brand colors, fonts, and logos, but the overall structure and look and feel of each site looked very similar. My team’s goal was to create four new templates that would demonstrate the flexibility of our website platform. I created the one later named Elevate. I got a lot of inspiration for this template from Apple’s homepage, which is very heavy on product photos, dramatic stock photography, and vibrant colors
  • ReSound website templates – ReSound needed three new website templates that would provide basic websites for members of their ReSound Focus program, which was a digital marketing initiative that basically mirrored what audiologists could get with Audigy’s digital marketing services. I helped with the information architecture, selecting the existing member websites that these templates would be based on, and the customization of the content and design for each:

New Landing Pages

When it comes to landing pages, I’ve built and launched more than I can count for B2C and B2B. Below is a representative sampling:

Landing Page Redesigns

  • Kubick and Kubick, Inc. hearing aids landing page of Millburn, NJ, was my first attempt at improving an existing landing page (before, after), and the biggest changes were adding patient-focused hero image, trust-building award logos, a practice-focused image, and a patient review video
  • Beltone, one of Audigy’s sister companies, asked me to create landing pages for a series of ads they were going to be running on the AARP website, magazine, and bulletin channels. I created landing pages for each campaign, and it turned out that they weren’t experiencing great results with the website ads specifically. AARP reached out and provided feedback on my original page. I then used this feedback and some additional content from the folks at Beltone to create a new page. The biggest difference was the increased size and improved usability of the contact form, which should be easier for seniors to fill out than the smaller one, which is the default Marketo form layout. I have yet to find out what the results were of this update, but I’ll share those here when I find out.

Landing Page Templates

Two of Audigy’s sister companies, Beltone and ReSound, needed new landing page templates for their Google Ads Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaigns. I created these templates to help them get started:

After about a year of using the ReSound templates for client ad campaigns, we realized there were some opportunities for improvement. We had to complete a whole new set of ReSound landing page templates in February 2023:

The result after a short period of testing was the following feedback I received from our PPC team:

Ben Woodruff, I just want to give you a shout-out for the effectiveness of those new landing pages. 

I know that the sample size is small, but since enabling them (Feb 10th), Harbor has gotten 12 prospects with a Cost/Lead of $125! To compare, from Nov-Feb 9th Harbor’s CPL was $271. 

Very nice results so far, thanks for your hard work on these!

Myles Rabin, Paid Search Specialist, Audigy

SEO Knowledge, Skills, and Research

I began learning SEO in college in the Digital Technology and Culture program at Washington State University’s Vancouver campus. On my resources page, I share the primary tools and sources of info that I have learned from and use in my SEO work. I would consider my skills advanced, with strong experience in service-based and B2B businesses with long sales cycles.

I’ve worked on countless websites performing SEO tasks, but here is a representative list of what I have done in the past:

  • Basic SEO setup for HTML and WordPress websites done during the website build, using the features of the Yoast SEO plugin, schema.org markup, and relevant tools like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager.
  • Advanced SEO setup for our clients who subscribed to a dedicated service plan, which included customizing their technical and on-page SEO attributes, setting up a custom reporting dashboard in Google Data Studio, and confirming that our data tracker in Google Sheets was set up correctly.
  • Requesting custom content on our clients’ behalf from our copywriters during website builds and advanced SEO setup tasks. Custom content is one of the main drivers of SEO in my opinion, since no two hearing aid markets in the US and Canada are exactly the same, and because search engines recognize when content is tailored to a specific audience, which was not included in our website templates’ default pages and blog articles.
  • Troubleshooting real and perceived failures to reach inbound marketing goals via the client’s website and SEO content. I wrote numerous emails to our clients and Marketing Managers to explain why websites were often performing as expected or better than average, even though my clients’ ranking for search terms appeared to be doing poorly. However, I always tried to find ways to not only explain why they shouldn’t Google themselves to check their ranking, but also provided fresh ideas to boost their site’s actual ROI. This often helped point them to the need for a website redesign (often an upsell opportunity because their website was based on an outdated template), some new pages of content we could add or existing content we could better utilize, or perhaps discovering some previously unnoticed conversion barriers that cropped up over the years of adding new, unoptimized content.
  • Diagnosing and finding solutions for front-end and back-end website performance issues that affect SEO like loading speed, accessibility, and user experience. Some examples include using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool to find issues with our client site’s Core Web Vitals that ultimately affect their ranking, on desktop now as well as mobile. I found that most of our client sites were suffering from poor loading speed, delayed interactivity, and poor visual stability due to our outdated WordPress theme’s heavy reliance on jQuery to establish the layout of each page’s components. I also found issues with mobile friendliness, site security, and poor implementation of pop-ups on mobile. My recommendation was to do our best with the things we could fix now, since there wasn’t a clear plan in place to adopt a new WordPress theme. I suggested we find clever ways to optimize the loading speed of pages by reducing our reliance on excessively large or slowly loading third party content, like Google Maps embeds, lazy loading YouTube and Vimeo embeds with a JavaScript facade, and creating an SOP that would help ensure content was properly displaying on both desktop and mobile devices.

How Others Have Accomplished Their Website and Conversion Goals

“I have had a great experience with Woodruff Multimedia. Changing my website was much easier than I expected. Ben is very hands on, easy to work with, answered all of my questions, and really listened to what I wanted for my website. He had really great ideas for what would attract more customers and since we have changed the site I have had a lot more online submissions. I am very happy with the end result.”

Tina Nollette, Owner – A To Z Blinds – October 28, 2020

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