Ben Woodruff — Duncan, SC’s Website Marketing Specialist

Ben Woodruff, Website and Conversion Specialist

Get More Customers While Reducing Your Marketing Spend

Few websites perform well automatically, whether developed by a business owner or agency. I can help you identify common website problems and conversion obstacles, explore how big your opportunities may be, and share the most affordable yet unique and effective solutions. My name is Ben Woodruff, and as a website developer, designer, and marketer with extensive experience building websites for small businesses, non-profits, and within a digital marketing agency in the hearing care industry, I am an expert at uncovering and fixing website and landing page problems like few conversions, poor levels of content engagement, and low search engine traffic.

Learn Website and Conversion Best Practices and Tools

I’ve been collecting a ton of free, open source, and online resources from my journey in website marketing over the past several years. I am sharing them here to help people solve their own website problems faster while reducing costs. Why pay $500, $700, or even $1,000 to learn website tools and best practices when you can get started with the essentials here for free?

Digital Design

Check out my list of digital design resources, like books on graphic design and typography, free reference websites, and free and open source tools you can use to replace or get by without Adobe’s Creative Cloud software.

Website Development

I’ve added a similar list of resources to help you get started in website development to speed up your progress, including recommendations for content management systems (CMS), themes, plugins, and text editors.

SEO & Content

SEO is like making sure your website is built like a good house, with a solid foundation and the right amount of rooms and features. Great content makes your website the best match for your visitors without excessive technical and link-building work.

Conversion Strategy

Improving conversions can yield a high ROI because you’re focusing on helping visitors become customers. If a house looks great, was built well, and has everything you need, but the sales process is a poor experience, you still may not buy it.

Learn Why Your Website Is Ineffective

Not sure why your website isn’t performing the way you expected? You can find some brief articles getting into specifics about what makes websites fail for businesses around the world every day. Small to medium-sized businesses spend hundreds of dollars a month for cookie cutter websites that get updated content once or twice a month and still only drive a handful of opportunities, and sometimes they are very poor leads that will never become viable prospects without additional basic optimizations.

Improve Your Website & Landing Page Conversions

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